Company history

Kevin Russ L.L.C., (KRI) has a long and storied history. KRI is the culmination of more than 29+ years of professional experience and expertise across a broad array of business sectors and industries now combined under one umbrella. My first professional consulting experience was earned as a Management and Strategy Consultant for a global recruitment process outsourcing firm in 1997 and later as an independent consultant on a number of consulting engagements in both the public and private sector. Kevin Russ L.L.C. is the culmination of both destiny, experience, passion, and drive.

  • 1997

    introduction into the world of consulting

    This was the beginning of my professional experience working as a consultant. I was hired by an international recruitment process outsourcing consulting firm to work on a four-year, $6M dollar project for a $700m nonprofit client's education and training business interested in revamping its entire operation.

  • 1999

    first freelance consulting engagement

    While working as a Management and Strategy Consultant for a global recruitment process outsourcing consulting firm I was asked to help a local nonprofit whose mission was "to improve the lives boys and men of color" build out its Omaha, Nebraska affiliate by serving as its first Executive Director. I worked with the organization for a little over 12 months and as a result helped it establish the foundation for its board recruitment and vetting, programs, and fundraising strategy.

  • 2002

    launched my first consulting firm

    After working as a manage and strategy consultant for a global recruitment process outsourcing consulting firm and completing a successful independent consulting engagement, I came up with the idea to develop a consulting organization that would cater to organizations and professionals who want to improve the outcomes for boys and men of color across various sectors and industries. Thus, in 2002, I launched the Nehemiah Consulting Group - a small, boutique, professional services firm providing capacity building services to organizations and professionals. Throughout the course of nearly 15 years, I worked with organizations and professionals across K5-12 and post-secondary education, corporate diversity and inclusion, governmental/human services, and nonprofit organizations.

  • 2009

    created a career empowerment firm

    During the early part of 2009, I decided to add another dimension to my consulting experience by establishing "Let's Get 2 Work" - a human capital and career empowerment consulting firm that worked with organizations and professionals to help increase workforce development capacity building. During this period, I assisted organizations in identifying and training talent, and helped employees at various levels in the job market secure gainful employment through resume writing, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and workshops and seminars on career development related topics.

  • 2012

    launched R4 Ministries

    In 2012, I graduated from Union Theological Seminary with a Master's Degree in Divinity in Pastoral and Urban Ministry and a Certificate in Church Administration. With over 35+ years of ministry exposure and experience and a long held passion and desire for serving God and helping ministries "do ministry right", I launched R4 Ministries - a radical, nondenominational ministry without walls and consulting firm with the mission of helping churches and ministries get back to carrying out God's business as God had originally intended.

  • 2013

    tested the waters as an independent consultant

    Beginning in early 2013, I began doing a number of 'independent consulting engagements' ad hoc with a diverse set of clients. I assisted a global competency organization who had developed a proprietary online-platform create business development opportunities and partnerships within the higher educational sector. Following this engagement, I worked with an international nonprofit health organization who registered bone marrow donors interested in expand its operations into the higher education market by increasing its number of bone marrow drives and partners exponentially. Later in 2013, I worked with the engineering department of a private Ivy league institution to help evaluate, prepare, train and place F-1/J-1 international students for employment within Fortune 500 companies.

  • 2015

    established kevin russ L.L.C.

    In May 2015, I brought my more than 26+ years of experience across a range of business sectors and my previous independent consulting expertise into one entity - kevin russ l.l.c. In July of 2017, I officially incorporated and launched Kevin Russ L.L.C., banner. Since then, I have worked with a range of client across various sectors and industries - a 13-year old nonprofit organization whose mission it was to help men understand the nuances of domestic violence and change their behavior. I helped build out its first integrated, fundraising and development department culminating in securing a $1.2M, three-year (3), matching gift from a global foundation which ultimately helped set the financial foundation for its future success.

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“What stands out most about Kevin is his unique ability to balance strong delivery of results with a flexible, collaborative approach. He exceeded my expectations with the thought put behind his strategies as well as the quality of his services.
At the same time, Kevin was always delightful to work with, and his positive attitude always helped carry the entire team through any challenging circumstances that arose.
It is rare to find someone with such strong talent who is also so humble and easy to work with, and it is this combination that I believe allows him to work so effectively with his clients. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin anytime as my Church Consultant, and I give him my endorsement without any hesitation.”

Reverend Simon Dingle
Sr. Pastor, Central Family Baptist Church

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