Our partners


Marketing and Communications Strategy
San Diego, CA
RIM is a marketing and communications strategy consulting firm.

Color Shot

Miami, FL
Color Shot is a professional photography studio and lab.


Public Relations
Minneapolis, MN
TLW is a public relations firm.

Design Hill

Graphic Design
Los Angeles, CA
Design Hill is a graphic design firm.
Video Editing
New York, NY
Reel Fx is a video editing firm


Personal Style
New York, NY
JA is a personal stylist.


Website Design
Detroit, MI
Vertinix is a web design and web development company


Community Development
Hartford, CT
I2 is a community development agency


Trenton, NJ
SC is a professional counseling agency.
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“What stands out most about Kevin is his unique ability to balance strong delivery of results with a flexible, collaborative approach. He exceeded my expectations with the thought put behind his strategies as well as the quality of his services.
At the same time, Kevin was always delightful to work with, and his positive attitude always helped carry the entire team through any challenging circumstances that arose.
It is rare to find someone with such strong talent who is also so humble and easy to work with, and it is this combination that I believe allows him to work so effectively with his clients. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin anytime as my Church Consultant, and I give him my endorsement without any hesitation.”

Reverend Simon Dingle
Sr. Pastor, Central Family Baptist Church

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