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Thought Leadership

We contribute cutting-edge ideas, information, and insights to multiple fields across a range of public and private business sectors and  sub-industries.  

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Breadth of Experience

We are a small, boutique, full-service, professional services firm with deep and broad experience across the private and public sector, industries, and service areas.

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Functional Expertise

We possess years of individual and collective demonstrated expertise helping agencies, business, and organizations solve complex problems while helping them thrive.

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Black Male Initiatives

Boys of Color and Black Men in the U.S. face profound challenges in almost every critical category (education, employment, and health). We help agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations improve life outcomes for this target group.

Business Strategy

Every business needs operational excellence. No business can afford to stand still. In some cases, business leaders may know where they have opportunities for strategic improvements. In other cases, however, the task can be overwhelming, We help agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations redesign their existing operations while removing non-value-adding costs and activities.

Career Empowerment

Employees today need help and direction to understand their role, to accomplish objectives, and set goals for the future so that they can influence their own career path and pursue their own interests. We help individuals stimulate their thinking, clarify goals, provide support and teach important strategies for making meaningful career decisions that aid them in their job and career search.

Community Dev.

Neighborhoods and communities in rural, suburban, and urban areas are challenged with issues of sustainability and viability and are in need of new methods, strategies, and tactics to develop better economies, housing, and infrastructure. We help community-based, housing, and economic development agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations build capacity and support their ability to strengthen and revitalize communities.

Executive Coaching

The quest for continual learning and development is one that sets apart good leaders from great leaders. Developing, refining, and improving skills isn’t something just for those starting out on their career path, rather it is something that benefits everyone, including those who have reached the very top of an organization. We help agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations and their c-suite execs benefit from developing new skills, behaviors and embarking on a journey towards increasing better leadership and people.

Fundraising & Development

When your organization is behind in your fundraising goals, it can be a little intimidating to ask for help. Far too many organizations think of fundraising and development in the context of an activity. However, often times all an organization really needs is a fresh perspective, new approach or different look. An outsider can look at your organization  through the eyes of potential donors. We help agencies, institutions, and organizations plan, strategize, and implement comprehensive fundraising methods to ensure a steady flow of donations an resources.


Governance and leadership represents a critical imperative especially in business today. The number of organizations that have caused a decrease in public confidence by unscrupulous and fraudulent solicitors, financial improprieties, and poor executives and sr. managers who care more about their own financial welfare than the mission of the organization are great. We help agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations build and maintain the knowledge, skills, and ability to govern and support their organization’s missions they care about so deeply while remaining complaint.

Life Coaching

Some of the world’s most successful people have used  and continue to use a life coach: Oprah. Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams and many other celebrities, entrepreneurs, and world leaders. Those in the C-suite or professional locker room understand the importance it make in their success. Athletes train with the added insight, objective perspective, and support of an athletic coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level. We help individual, families, and small groups look at where they are now, where they want to be in each area of their life, explore and set goals in these areas to get to the next level.

Men's Personal Style

Many men, whether they are interested in fashion or not, are hard pressed to admit that at some point in time they have wondered if they could be better-dressed. The majority of men’s personal journey’s in the quest to become more fashionable reflects the search and quest to find a style that reflects their personality and gives them confidence. There is an increasing recognition that such confidence helps a man to achieve. First impressions count. Anyone man can dress themselves, but there’s more to styling than simply knowing which jeans fit you. We help individuals and groups assess and determine their existing style and improvement and understand their needs in making relevant purchases, style suggestions.


With the demands of leading within your own ministry, it can be difficult to grasp a complete picture of what is actually happening on the playing field. Churches, mosques, and temples are overwhelmed by the needs they encounter, dysfunction they must work through and the expectations they must meet. Even the wisest and most successful ministry leaders need outside input, ongoing encouragement, and advice for challenging situations. We help churches, mosques, and temples become more effective in every aspect of their work by collaboratively determining needs, creating a strategic vision, providing training and development, developing cutting edge ministries and programs, and measuring impact so that they can stay on mission.

Organizational Dev.

In the current economic environment, it is important that businesses find ways to stand out, tighten their operations, and increase their revenues while keeping expenses low. As many businesses struggle to stay ahead of the competition, the day-to-day operations of the business are more than enough to keep management busy, especially in smaller businesses where owners or managers wear many hats. How you manage and develop your business’s organization and environment will impact your success. We help agencies, businesses, institutions, and organizations by providing guidance and advice to help businesses improve efficiency, enhance operations, and drive profitability without cutting departments or personnel.

Talent Acquisition

When it comes to building a successful business, there are a lot of different elements at play. Considering that your employees are often the driving force behind your operations, finding and retaining the best people is an extremely critical factor. Regardless of the current state of your business, talent acquisition should be front and center when moving forward. Attracting the best human capital with critical skills, retaining them and enhancing workforce productivity are of critical strategic importance for companies interested in winning the battle for top talent. We help agencies, business, institutions, and organizations by forecasting hiring needs, sourcing potential hires on various online channels, building relationships with passive candidates and hiring managers and evaluating candidates’ performance in interviews and assignments.

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