Kevin Russ University, a subsidiary of Kevin Russ, L.L.C. and is a non-profit, school of continuing education and professional studies that offers a variety of affordable non-credit courses and certificate programs for youth through adults to enhance their professional development and personal enrichment. As a competency-based, student-focused, class and online, institution of higher learning Kevin Russ University, approaches education a bit differently.

The principal mission of Kevin Russ University is to expand access and improve the quality of post-secondary education accessible to adults who live and work in the real world by providing a means for individuals to learn independent of time or place and to earn competency-based degrees and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.

It delivers these programs at locations and times convenient to students and at an affordable price. Courses are offered in person, online, and day, evening, and weekends to accommodate the busy schedules of adults who want to increase their capacity for life-long learning though classes, courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and conferences in a wide-range of disciplines topics from Anthropology to Urban Studies.

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The whole purpose of education is to help students draw out of themselves that which is already within

Welcome to Kevin Russ University

In-Class & On-line Learning

Our lectures and symposiums bring together influential and original thinkers from various walks of life to showcase scholarship and creative expression in research, policy, and practice.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs give you the specialization you need to keep ahead of trends and seek greater opportunities.

Workshops & Trainings

Our workshops and webinars are a smart and cost effective way to support your personal development and continuing professional education.

Lectures & Seminars

Our in-class, online, day, evening, and weekend programs offer a flexible approach and format that fits your life.

Professional Development

Our professional development programs are designed to create dynamic learning experiences for professionals and organizations that offer powerful and flexible instructional support in a community of learners.

Conferences & Symposiums

Our conferences provide organizations and professionals the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts eager to present their work and share some of the latest advances in their fields of study.

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Kevin Russ University Programs

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A few words about Kevin


Kevin Russ is a dynamic and thought-provoking author, scholar, researcher, lecturer, community organizer, and consultant with over 22 years of experience studying the social, political, cultural, economic, religious, and theological underpinnings of the African community in America.

Mr. Russ is President & CEO of Kruss, Inc. a small, boutique, management and strategy consulting and advisory services firm helping organizations and individuals specializing in Black Male Initiatives, Career Empowerment, Community Development, Fundraising, Life Coaching, Men’s Personal Style, Ministry, and Talent Acquisition build capacity.

He is the author of the forthcoming book, “Will the Real Yeshua (Jesus) Please Come Forward: Exposing the Many Faces and Hidden Layers of False Perceptions in Search of One Authentic” and is working on another forthcoming book: “7 Keys for Restoring Broken Lives and At-risk Communities.”