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Can’t I just fix myself? I have some relatively minor personality flaws, relationship issues, and complacency about not doing my life’s work, but I’m not psycho so I don’t feel like I need to sign up for therapy. Can’t I just coach my own life” a recent blog respondent wrote. Life coaching is becoming a mainstream profession offering up skills that many seek to acquire. You may be discovering that more people around you are getting coached.

The concept of coaching isn’t new. Socrates methodically asked questions and engaged in dialogue to derive truth and knowledge more than 2,000 years ago. In the first half of the 20th century, Dale Carnegie tapped people’s desire for self-improvement with How to Win Friends and Influence People. He also developed business training courses on sales and leadership. Three decades later, in 1968, Og Mandino wrote the best-selling The Greatest Salesman in the World, followed by other inspirational books promoting a successful and happy life.

Identifying your goals is one of the hardest things you do when you’re trying to make a change and get started on something new. A life coach is great at helping you interpret your dreams and ideas, and organize them into tangible goals. In a way, they help you to connect what your head is saying and what your heart is saying to find some agreement between the two that points toward your passions. Just like the people who push athletes to greatness in sports, life and wellness coaches push their clients to find success and satisfaction from their job or lifestyle.

Kevin Russ L.L.C. life coaching consultants help individuals and groups assess their current situation and position, identify attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary for achieving success, and develop systems, processes, and strategies to realize your personal and career objectives and objectives so that you can realize your potential.

The first step of the life coaching process is the intake or discovery phase. Discovery involves gathering data from the clients before the life coach applies his/her expertise to help the client solve a problem. The discovery phase of a consulting engagement is therefore key to the life coaching process. Intake or discovery is an information-gathering process meant to dig deep into the details of what is important to a client. Scope and depth of research and inquiry will differ from project to project, but the results are the same: valuable data. The more information you gather, interpret, and comprehend, the more prepared you will be to execute a site on budget and on target. Given today’s complex array of life coaching options, one of the most difficult developmental tasks persons face is the identification and exploration of options congruent with their characteristics. In the process of intake and discovery participants will develop insights about themselves and their personal world that will inform their self-concepts. In a nutshell, the major role of assessment in life coaching counseling is self-exploration—a complementary process. The initial intake interview is important in life coaching because it is the first interaction that occurs between the client and the life coach.

Emotional intelligence is all about our ability to understand our own emotions and to interact harmoniously with those around us. Essentially, it has two elements: the intra-personal and the inter-personal. The intra-personal element is summed up by self-recognition. It describes our ability to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, what motivates us, our values, and the ways in which we function. The inter-personal element is about how we manage conflict, about empathy, how we understand other people’s emotions, and whether we respond to them appropriately. Emotional intelligence can be hugely important  and crucial in a whole range of daily situations.

Every individual has his own characteristic way of behaving, responding to emotions, perceiving things and looking at the world. No two individuals are similar. You might like going out for parties but your friend might prefer staying back at home reading his/her favorite book. It is really not necessary that if you like partying around, your friend will also like the same. Here comes the role of personality. What an individual sees in his childhood days and most importantly his/her growing days form his personality. How an individual is raised plays an important role in shaping his/her personality. Personality is nothing but the aggregate conglomeration of memories and incidents in an individual’s entire life span. Environmental factors, family background, financial conditions, genetic factors, situations and circumstances also contribute to an individual’s personality. Personality also influences what we think, our beliefs, values and expectations. What we think about others depends on our personality. Personality development plays an essential role not only in an individual’s professional but also personal lives. The use of personality assessments can help you look at your personality traits.

The ability to solve problems is a basic life skill and is essential to our day-to-day lives, at home, at school, and at work. We solve problems every day without really thinking about how we solve them. Problem solving is a fixture in life. You have to be able to solve problems. Problems pop up everyday. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are large. Sometimes solving a problem is a matter of life and death and other times it is merely a matter of keeping your sanity. Regardless of why you need problem solving, you can not deny that you need it. For example: it’s raining and you need to go to the store. What do you do? There are lots of possible solutions. Take your umbrella and walk. If you don’t want to get wet, you can drive, or take the bus. You might decide to call a friend for a ride, or you might decide to go to the store another day. There is no right way to solve this problem and different people will solve it differently. Good problem solving skills empower you not only in your personal life but are critical in your professional life. It is common for people to take problem solving for granted. We do it so much that it is not hard to believe that it becomes second nature. It is this familiarity with problem solving that leads up to take it for granted and to not be creative with our problem solving anymore. Having a firm understanding of your own personal problem solving framework and approach is a key to solving problems.

We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience.

Almost everyone has some sort of significant goal or aspiration they hope to achieve in the future. For a significant number people, this includes some type of long-term career plan or dream job that they would like to obtain. While these major objectives may seem difficult or even impossible to achieve, they can appear much more manageable through the use of a career plan. The future can provide an extremely uncertain ride, but having a solid career plan in place can serve as a reliable roadmap to get you wherever you would like to go. Having a realistic career plan in place is often an essential part of our personal growth and development. Without goals to strive for, most people find it difficult to stray from the easy norm or to gain skills which make them a more valuable commodity in the business world. By planning for the future and setting a specific timeline for accomplishing the things you want to achieve, you will find that your career plan is an effective way to ensure you never lose motivation along the way. If one of the important destinations in your future is a much-desired job or position, a career plan truly is a roadmap to help you reach it. Job search engines are full of available positions, but often the most desired and competitive dream jobs require a significant amount of prerequisite experience or education. It’s very rare that someone will simply fall into their dream job. Most commonly, it takes years of planning, work and even a little bit of luck to develop your current situation into the career of your dreams. By isolating exactly what you’ll need to accomplish in order to be a candidate for the job you truly want, fulfilling the needed tasks will become much easier and your chances of success are much higher.

The developments taking place in and the increasing complexity of the educational system have made educational planning an absolute necessity. The world today faces problems such as population explosion, increasing aspirations among different sections of the society, man-power needs, mismatch between educational products and the demands of the economy, dwindling resources, ecological imbalances and haphazard applications of scientific developments. These problems place demands on the system of education for solutions. In order that the system of education meets these problems, planning becomes imperative and the competence to plan becomes mandatory. Educational planning is an absolute necessity because it ensures our personal success and takes into consideration the important issues, conditions, constraints and factors in education. Its focus is on future objectives, vision and goals. It is proactive in nature in that it emphasizes perception and ability to apply theory and profit from it in advance of action. Because “knowledge is power!”, the more you know, the more you can cope with daily life and be successful! Education is very important. Planning for a child’s education is a major financial goal for parents because of the competitive work environment and rising annual costs. In this article, we look at mapping the route to academia to realize a child’s anticipated career path and how you should, as a parent, evaluate the target costs of children’s education within expected deadlines.

While one cannot predict the future, one should certainly be better prepared for it as all of us have our goals to be fulfilled at every stage of life and these goals will only be achieved if one has done the financial planning. So, its better to start planning now as prevention is always better than cure. Financial planning is a systematic approach whereby the financial planner maximizes customer’s existing financial resources by using the appropriate financial planning tools and investment vehicles to best achieve his financial goals and objective. In other words, financial planning is the process of meeting once life goals through proper management of one’s finances. Life goals can include buying a home, saving for children’s education, buying a car, protecting family against financial risks or planning for retirement. The need for financial planning services arises from the need of meeting the financial goals of one’s life & it is financial planning that helps us to take a comprehensive look towards one’s futures financial needs and goals including cash flow, debt management, education funding, retirement planning, estate conservation and portfolio management. Financial Planning ensures that the right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right point of time in future to achieve specific Financial Goals. Creating a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term life goals, a crucial step in mapping out your financial future. When you have a financial plan, it’s easier to make financial decisions and stay on track to meet your goals.

This allows us to specialize in all dimensions of trades and stocks, because we have a specialist within the team for every scenario.

If you have ever planned a vacation, wedding, surprise party, or special event, you know how much work is involved. Planning, checking, adjusting and planning again is all part of the process of creating the result that you want. Many people understand the importance of planning events in their life but very few understand the importance of actually planning their life. It is said that people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. It is pretty obvious that a wedding would be a disaster without a plan. Well, what about your life? You have the choice to either make things happen, watch things happen or wonder “What happened?” Which will it be? If you are serious about living in tune with your deepest dreams and desires you need to become a “makes things happen” person. Success will not attack you! The way you get what you want is to plan it!  Are you living the life you want or have you should all over yourself for years and feel as though you’re simply going through the motions as you try to gain the approval of others? Being a mature man means knowing what you stand for and where you’re going in life. A man always has a plan, especially for something as important as his life. But many men today just drift along and let life happen to them. Maybe you’re one of them. I know I’ve done lots of drifting in my life, and I always feel like crap when I do. It’s an angry feeling that drives you bonkers because you feel this strong drive to live with more purpose, but you don’t even know what that purpose is, which leads to an existential funk and the desire to eat several Supersonic Cheeseburgers with jalapenos. At least that’s how it works for me.  Have you ever experienced that restless, anxious feeling and weren’t sure what to do about it? Like any good craftsman, we need a solid blueprint to guide us. But instead of creating a blueprint for a cedar chest, we’ll be drafting a blueprint for our life.

For some, career and occupational achievement provides a sense of personal growth and self-fulfillment. Today, more than ever, the unrelenting demands of a sour economy and social upheavals have coupled with the rapid growth of information technology and globalization to force profound and rapid changes across all job sectors and organizations. Career Counselling has always been important but only recently, got the recognition it deserves. Earlier, people sought out career counselors, for a change in careers, only after they got a job and were unhappy with it. Now, people recognize that this isn’t ideal. What is noteworthy, is to consider why people change careers. Choosing a career is not a significant issue until you pass high school. However, it is essential to decide on a certain career by having a career goal in mind once you have completed your schooling. You must also ensure that you choose the appropriate career by keeping the market in your mind as well. Furthermore, select an educational institution that is suitable for your needs. Unfortunately, many students and professionals are unable to discover their potential and their interests at this stage when the pressure begins to mount. Students or professionals who have no clue about their potential should seek the assistance of a qualified career counselor. A career consultant will assist you in discovering their true potential, and their aptitude and thereafter suggest a course of action which will be suitable for them. When you are not certain about choosing a suitable career option, it is essential that you approach a career consultant. Choosing the proper career option will determine the course of your life. An appropriate decision taken at this time will open a number of opportunities, which will make you happy. The reverse will be true if you do not decide properly. These decisions are often irreversible. When you are not certain about these matters, it is always advisable to seek professional assistance. Career counseling is perhaps the best option available to you in this case.

Making thoughtful and informed decisions about your finances is more important than ever. More and more, the burden of making sound financial decisions is coming to rest on the shoulders of consumers. Many people today are feeling a high level of financial anxiety and are looking for answers. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees or easy answers. However, there are several things you can consider to help relieve your financial anxiety.

It is never too early or too late to improve your financial literacy. In fact, if you avoid major mistakes and do some of the most basic things, you may find yourself on the road to controlling y Research studies across countries on financial literacy have shown that most individuals (including entrepreneurs) don’t understand the concept of compound interest and some consumers don’t actively seek out financial information before making financial decisions. Most financial consumers lack the ability to choose and manage a credit card efficiently, and lack of financial literacy education is responsible for lack of money management skills and financial planning for business and retirement. Most individuals lack information about saving and investing for retirement. Many people fail to plan ahead and they take on financial risks without realizing it. Problems of debt are severe for a large proportion of the population because of financial illiteracy. Youth on average are less financially capable than their elders.

Financial education can benefit consumers of all ages and income levels. For young adults just beginning their working lives, it can provide basic tools for budgeting and saving so that expenses and debt can be kept controlled. Financial education can help families acquire the discipline to save for their own home and/or for their children’s education. It can help older workers ensure that they have enough savings for a comfortable retirement by providing them with the information and skills to make wise investment choices with their individual pension and savings plans. Financial education can help low-income people make the most of what they are able to save and help them avoid the high cost charged for financial transactions by non-financial institutions.

Your level of financial literacy affects your quality of life significantly. It affects your ability to provide for yourself and family, your attitude to money and investment, as well as your contribution to your community. Financial literacy enables people to understand what is needed to achieve a lifestyle that is financially balanced, sustainable, ethical and responsible. It also helps entrepreneurs leverage other people’s money for business to generate sales and profits. You can walk into your financial future with significantly less financial anxiety.

People who are experiencing a crisis need information about their current condition and the steps they can take to minimize the damage. Across the nation and the world, crises happen every day. Some make headlines, such as large-scale natural disasters like the earthquake that devastated Japan this past year or human-caused atrocities like 9/11. But most fly below the national news radar — local fires, floods and car accidents that are smaller in scope but no less devastating to those who feel their impact firsthand. Crises happens to everyone, and intervention can take many forms, from family helping and support strategies to professional counselling strategies aimed at helping the individual cope with crisis in ways that reduce the negative psychological, physiological and behavioral effects of trauma on that person and his or her environment. A crisis refers not just to a traumatic event or experience, but to an individual’s response to the situation. The events that trigger this crisis can run the gamut of life experience, from developmental hurdles (such as going through puberty) to natural disasters to the death of a loved one. During crisis counseling, counselors often help the client understand that their reactions are normal but temporary. While the situation may seem both dire and endless to the person experiencing the crisis, the goal is to help the client see that he or she will eventually return to normal functioning. One of the most important elements of crisis counseling involves providing support, stabilization, and resources.

Given the staggering divorce rates, one of the best things you can do to help save your marriage and grow your relationship before it begins is relationship and premarital counseling. Studies suggest that couples that choose to receive counseling have lower divorce rates than those that do not. This guide will provide you with seven reasons why you should consider some form of counseling. Couples who attend premarital counseling have the opportunity to discuss issues that most couples argue about and most often lead to divorce or separation. Relationship or marriage  can help you address hot issues before they arise and assist you in discovering what the other person believes about the issue so that you may come to an agreement before you walk down the aisle. Having a plan of action on how you will handle serious issues can help you prevent altercations later. In counseling, you will also address the main issues that are currently affecting your relationship. Little problems can turn into major arguments if they are given a chance to fester. Counseling can help you work through any negative feelings before they turn into something bigger.

Oftentimes, it helps having someone to talk to that has already been through the issues you will be facing. A great life coach that has been relationship or marriage experience can provide you with experience that can only come from being married and living with another person. It also helps to talk to someone who may have felt some of the same feelings about family and relationships. Someone older and wiser can also clue you in on the qualities that make another person a good match for you. This will give you something to consider before deciding to take that big step. You don’t have to follow someone’s advice and call off the wedding because the bride or groom likes to do things you don’t agree with, but it does help to listen to someone who can give you insight on problems that may arise. Everyone knows that one couple that seems to have it all together. These two people love to spend time together and always seem to be happy regardless of what they are doing. In spite of outward appearances, even that couple has had an argument at one time or another and possibly contemplated breaking up. All couples can benefit from premarital counseling, even the ones that seem perfect on the outside. In reality, the perfect couples are probably the ones that have sought help from outside parties or modeled their behavior toward one another from others who have been in successful relationships. No marriage will ever be perfect or problem-free, but premarital counseling can help you work through your difficulties and learn to keep your love alive even through adversities. Essentially, with counseling you will learn how to compromise and work with the other person to ensure happiness and longevity.

Life in the 21st Century is making new demands on most people. Whether the issue is health, wealth, time management, personal and business relationships, or something else, the notion of what constitutes “success” is evolving and changing rapidly. Secrets For Daily Success! takes many time-honored and proven principles and expresses them within a framework of the contemporary coaching profession so as to personally and professionally engage  and encourage actions that will forward your own attainments each day.

Successful individuals agree that “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” What is the most crucial element of preparing for success? You must first identify your niche. Do this correctly and your life will not only match your passions, but it will also go a long way towards meeting all your personal needs. Unfortunately, some individuals rush headfirst into untapped areas starting before they have discovered and narrowed their niche. That can be fatal to the success of building your own personal success.

At the heart of this Seminar is the concept of “purpose in life” and how the issues we attempt to address – lack of engagement, work-life balance, resilience, stress, productivity, health status, health behaviors, and condition management – are associated with goal-directed life purpose and how they can be improved with more purposeful, goal-directed living. In this workshop, participants will compose and refine their own purpose in life. They’ll learn about ways of aligning with multiple, and often conflicting, domains of purpose – life balance.

360 surveys are powerful developmental tools to mirror back to a coaching client how they are seen in the world. The use of 360 surveys is common in business and with career development professionals such as career coaches. Competencies in the area of 360 development, administration, and use can distinguish you by helping you self-assess yourself.

Stress is the number one culprit keeping you (and your clients) from reaching full potential. Reverse your stress and teach your clients to do the same! Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and discussion, this course provides you with the tools to understand the predictable stressors of you and everyone around you.

The Seasons of Change, This Too Shall Pass is a rich, multi-faceted nature-based metaphor that provides you with a natural way to approach life changes. Nature has developed a wide range of responses to the ever-changing seasons. These responses provide a rich foundation of knowledge, inspiration, hope, and direction to those in transition. Each season (or phase) of the transition process has its own signs, actions, and detours. This information gives you a map you can offer to your clients to show them the way through their transition. The visually memorable nature metaphors associated with each season are simple, powerful tools that give clients constant support and guidance through difficult times. By using this approach you give yourself hope  by helping envision where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience.

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.

Execution is the single most important part of the whole process, poor execution can result in a lot of lost time and money.

transforming potential into extraordinary growth and success

We offer individualized, tailor-made solutions to complex questions and challenges. Our researched-based life coaching consulting, advisory and technical assistance strategies and methods promote long-term life growth and success. From potential to ingenuity to enterprise to contemplation to wisdom stages of life we are here for you from beginning to end.

Our experts can help you integrate our paradigm of consulting, advisory, technical assistance, and capacity building services into your life coaching strategy through services and solutions that include:

  • Life Coaching Assessment – A complete audit and review of your values, interests, abilities and personality preferences to identify its unique strengths, areas in need to improvement, and to make recommendations for enhancement so that you can enjoy satisfaction with different life stages and varied life environments.
  • Life Coaching Consultation and Advisory – An on/off-site partnership to hone in on and resolve some of your personal and life issues and challenges and to answer any questions or concerns related to integrating elements of  the KRI life coaching paradigm into your programmatic interventions.
  • Professional Development and Training – An on/off-site partnership providing customized training for your personal life coaching program and strategy.
  • Supplementary Support – An on/off-site partnership providing your life coaching program and strategy with cutting-edge additional expertise to help fill critical personal and life coaching gaps and resources.
  • Development of a Life Coaching System – A customized life coaching system that enables you to train, self-consult, and evaluate your own personal and life coaching program in a specialized milieu of solutions or services.

comprehensive, individualized, seamless, and multi-layered services

KRI offers you knowledge, expertise, strategies and skills that you stay on top of a rapidly changing personal and life coaching environment. KRI offers a unique combination and blend of consulting, advisory, technical assistance, and training that will provide you with a toolbox and array of tools to help you engage new life opportunities life cycle:

  • Late Childhood (Ages 9-11)
  • Adolescence (Ages 12-20)
  • Early Adulthood (Ages 20-35)  
  • Midlife (Ages 35-50)
  • Mature Adulthood (Ages 50-80)

delivering innovative, systematic solutions, and individualized dramatic results

Kevin Russ L.L.C. expertise spans over 75 -years of researched-based, practiced and proven, outcomes-driven, insight, intelligence, data and thought-leadership resulting in a consulting, advisory, technical assistance, and capacity building solutions that are comprehensive, intensive, systematic, seamless, and customized.

Kevin Russ L.L.C. clients have included individuals and groups from all walks of life that are experiencing challenges and issues with creating growth and sustainability. KRI has and continues to provide cutting-edge solutions and services to a diverse group of individuals, families, and groups.

Kevin Russ L.L.C. works with innovative, forward thinking, and change agent individuals and groups to create cutting-edge insights and thought-leadership for life coaching to provide better opportunities for holistic living and to transform potential into success.

creating an environment for growth and excellence

KRI provides proven solutions for businesses and professionals that span the entire life coaching cycle continuum. KRI consulting, advisory, technical assistance, and capacity building services help you:

  • Engage, involve, and inspire excellence 
  • Raise involvement numbers and percentages in development areas
  • Create comprehensive, strategies, and systems that drive change
  • Design focused programs and intervention that get results
  • Institute strong learning/living environments
  • Implement culturally appropriate, relevant, programs and learning experiences
  • Build sustainable relationships, partnerships, and networks for long-term success

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What an amazingly productive session it was this afternoon! This is an email bringing loads of gratitude. I can’t thank you enough for the insight you showed toward prioritizing my ideas and projects. The “values” stuff was so helpful. However, more than that you took an enormously creative leap on my behalf and saw what I couldn’t. You have put it all into context and given me a huge gift. I feel great relief. This will go down as one of my life’s most pivotal points – never to be forgotten. I have so much energy and enthusiasm now.”

Bart Stewn
Engineer, US Department of Defense

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